Archiving is a skill. The goal is to file all your important documents in as little space as possible whilst retaining ease of access and an intuitive organisational scheme.

If you have absolutely nailed your document management system and have squeezed your files away into colour-coded boxes in a small corner of your office, well done.

If your filing system is a sprawling mess that takes up loads of room and is impossible to navigate then you should consider how it is impacting your workspace.

In this article, part of a three-part series on space management, we will explore 7 alternative uses for space you currently use for filing:

  1. Collaborative workspaces for your employees

Communal workspaces are a good way of boosting morale and promoting teamwork and camaraderie among your employees.

Indeed, workspaces have been proven to promote innovation. Employees are given the space and time to discuss potential solutions to problems experienced by all co-workers.

  1. Welcome area for greeting clients

By removing your filing system and re-shuffling your office space, you could make room for a professional welcome area.

Your business proposal will be more successful if it is being presented to a client who feels relaxed and comfortable in the welcome area you have made for them.

  1. Tea and coffee station

Having a good tea and coffee station (and not just a kettle on a table in the corner!) can boost morale of employees and encourage team bonding.

Recent studies show that having social areas where employees can take quick breaks are good for productivity. Additionally, they help to reduce employee turnover.

  1. Vending machines

If your newly acquired office space is quite small, there may not be room for a tea and coffee station. A vending machine is a good way of adding colour to your office whilst also creating a mini-social space for employees.

Just remember to keep the vending machine stocked and don’t overcharge your employees!

  1. Pool table/Table Tennis table

Light exercise between work is a good way of maintaining high productivity levels. For example, Pool and Table Tennis keep your mind and body active during long days at the office. Furthermore, they can also boost energy levels in the same way a cup of coffee can.

Employees will absolutely love working in a space where there is a Pool/Table Tennis table.

  1. Projector/Large TV screen

Projectors are an affordable piece of technology that have many uses. They are used for slideshows, presentations, movie showings, training exercises, and many more activities.

If your filing cabinets are up against a big plain wall, then you may have the perfect opportunity to switch them out for a projector. It is guaranteed to be worth the money you spend on it.

  1. Workout area

Depending on how large the office space is, you may be able to create a workout area for your employees. It doesn’t have to be a state-of-the-art gym facility, but a few yoga mats would be appreciated by many employees.

Even if it is just to stretch out or do a breathing exercise away from their desk, a workout area is useful to employees.