It has been a big year for The Filing Room. We have implemented a number of wide-reaching and exciting changes. All of which are part of our mission to build a modern, dynamic and, most importantly, African company that is well-suited to this changing continent.

Many interested parties will be unaware of the various changes we have implemented over the past year. If you find yourself in that category, continue reading to find out why we thought they were so important in achieving our aims.



Our year started with the completion of two massive projects.

First, securing our long-term access to state-of-the-art storage facilities.

Early on, we completed the legal process of purchasing our Athi River Warehouses. With the paperwork signed we were finally able to take possession of these new storage spaces.

Before the month was out, we had completed the first phase of racking. The bottom layer of steel racks was laid and a project that was very dear to our hearts was well on its way to completion.

Owning our own warehouses was essential for a number of reasons. Greater control over security and design of the storage spaces foremost among them. Now, we have the capability to store our clients records in our own facilities. The new warehouses are designed to our own specifications, tailor made by professionals in the industry.

We weren’t done yet, however, and February brought another exciting development. We also completed the two-year project of transferring all our records to the O’Neil RSSQL Records Management software system.

Since then, the Filing Room’s archival and organisational system has been revolutionised by the new software. It allows us to retrieve documents with ease, efficiency and speed. Furthermore, it reduces any chances of losing a document.


Later in the year, we, at the Filing Room, started to look further afield than our Nairobi-based operations.

We completed the construction of our brand new Server Room. All our archived data is now secure on a fire protected, air-conditioned and otherwise state-of-the-art sealed Server Room.

The new server is backed up daily to Carbonite, our America-based partners in Data Backup Solutions.

We also began a refresh of our online presence. We built into our website a platform for sharing what we find interesting. The article you read now is one of many bulletins that we have produced over the last couple of months.

The ‘Archiving Insights’ section of our webpage has been designed as an online forum. It was built to bring those that are interested in archiving, document management and business in Kenya together.

We encourage all individuals that are inclined to to leave a comment on our blog or on our Facebook page. Leave a suggestion or a subject are that interests you, or else a simple like. That way we can put our team of investigative writers to task producing content that our shared community can benefit from.



After we had taken a look at our operations in Nairobi and our digital reach in this globalised world, we took a long hard look at our impact on it.

In October, we planted 7 acres of grevillea and eucalyptus trees in the Western Kenya. The Filing Room is committed to being a greener company that limits its impact on the world we live in.

Our 7 acres joined an already existing 2 acres worth of forestry. Combined the plot of land has completely offset The Filing Room’s carbon footprint. It is something we are extremely proud of.


We round out this year bigger, greener and more forward-facing than we have ever been and extremely proud of how we have achieved our aims.