Recently, we’ve seen an uptick in inquiries for our digital archiving/registry management consultancy services. Providing our professional expertise to companies that are seeking to do their records management in-house is something we’re very happy to do.

We know that there will always be big businesses – insurance companies, banks, multinationals – that, due to the sheer size of their operation, are better served by having a third-party document management company store their records. Similarly, we also know that there are other companies that have very valid reasons for storing their records in-house.

If yours is one such company, this article is designed for you. It is our list of the factors that make a truly great document archiving system. We hope that you read it, digest it and incorporate it into your document archiving system.

What makes a great document archiving system?

Historical preservation

A document archiving system is most obviously designed for historical preservation. We store records because they may be important to us in the future. Good document archiving systems play a crucial role not just for businesses. They are important for preserving historical documents, records, and artifacts for future generations. This ensures that valuable information is not lost over time.

Efficiency and organisation

Archiving systems help organisations efficiently manage and organize large volumes of documents. For any organisation, stretching back to the earliest recorded human coalitions in history, documentation is essential to its smooth running. A good document archiving system provides methods for categorizing, indexing, and retrieving documents quickly. This significantly improves productivity and decision-making.

Security and compliance

Document archiving systems often incorporate robust security measures to protect sensitive information. At the Filing Room, we’ve got several independently operating measures that ensure records stored with us are as safe as can be.

Our security measures, and any that are designed into a good document archiving system, help organizations comply with regulatory requirements. Ensure proper handling, retention, and disposal of documents, and, in doing so, your organisation will be in accordance with regulatory laws and standards. This is key if you’re looking to create a good document archiving system.

Digitization and accessibility

Increasingly, archiving systems have made digitisation a key component. Having a records management system that facilitates the digitization of paper-based documents makes them accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This improves accessibility for users and reduces the physical storage space needed for paper documents.

This can reduce the costs associated with an organisation’s operation. It can also result in greater speed, security and efficiency for that organisation’s day-to-day.

Search and retrieval capabilities

Advanced search and retrieval functionalities enable users to find specific documents quickly. Anyone designing a document management system knows that its no good at all if all it understands is the storage of records. Retrieval needs to be considered and designed into the process.

If you watched our latest video, posted to our LinkedIn and Facebook pages, you’ll see how our retrieval process works. Its one that relies on effective organisation, software solutions, the matching of reference numbers and a considered process.


This is more of a principle to record keeping than a factor designed into the system. That doesn’t mean it isn’t of vital importance. In fact, consistency is the most important part of what makes a document archiving system work well.

Every process should be followed to the letter. Its only by doing that that you can be confident your process hasn’t fallen apart. With systems as reliant on accuracy and consistency as document archival ones, the slightest errors can have huge, snowballing ramifications. So, consistency is key.



There it is, our list of the factors that make for a great document archiving system. We hope you’ve enjoyed it! Now go and incorporate it into yours.