At The Filing Room, we have built an impressive team of intuitive and hard-working archivists and records managers. This is because our records management system requires meticulous organisation in order to be successfully navigated. 

When we built this team, we had a clear set of qualities in mind. It is these qualities that mean we can continue to grow and learn as a business and as a group of people. 

Records Management Fundamentals

The fundamentals of records management are the core values and skills which make someone cut out to be an archivist. Some of these skills can be learned, others come as a pre-existing mindset. 

At The Filing Room, we look for people who view organisation as a lifestyle. These people are usually skilled at creating intuitive systems and can be trained to be exceptional records managers. 

Managing Electronic Records

Digital and electronic records are the future of records management. People who are well-versed in digital formats and are comfortable with computers tend to respond well to digital changes.

Managing Archives

A key feature of the day-to-day tasks at The Filing Room is managing the multiple levels of boxes and documents in our state-of-the-art warehouses. 

Digital Records Preservation

The preservation of digital records is actually more complex than you might have imagined. Digital records require various back-ups to prevent a devastating system crash. Furthermore, digital records using old software are at risk of becoming obsolete and unusable. 

Records Digitisation

The process of digitising records is one of the most costly and time-consuming processes in the records management industry. It requires patience and a good understanding of technology. 

It is the future of the archiving industry and it is an essential quality in any good archivist. 

Disaster Management for Records

Warehouses of physical records are at risk from various natural and unnatural disasters that the world occasionally throws at them. Fires and floods can wipe away a whole room of valuable records. 

We take disaster management extremely seriously. Our whole team is trained to respond swiftly and calmly in these events. 

Records Management Standards and Best Practices 

At The Filing Room we maintain extremely high standards and it is important that the whole team understands the reasons behind these high standards. 

We collaborate with records management interest groups across Kenya to ensure the best practices are constantly maintained and updated.


Designing Records and Archives Repositories

Expansion should be a key goal for any records management company. At The Filing Room, we have undergone various stages of expansion in the last few years. Part of this process requires the designing of new warehouse facilities to house more records.