As we draw toward the end of one of the most difficult years the globe has ever seen, the team over at the Filing Room wanted to give you, our readers, an article that might serve to spread a little Christmas cheer.

With a national curfew from 23:00 until 4:00 every day, bars and restaurants forcibly closing from 21:00 and masks still mandatory in public spaces, this Christmas will be like no other Kenyans have ever seen.

Many will have had their Christmas plans halted or altered by these restrictions which are in place to ensure the virus’ spread is limited. Many businesses, like our own, will have had to reorganize Christmas party plans.

Fortunately for us, here in Kenya, we can still meet and interact with one another during this important time for families and friends. The inhabitants of other countries will not be so fortunate during this December period.

However, there may still be some families, businesses or friendship groups that have had to cancel their Christmas parties. That means no secret santa presents, no Christmas meals and no Christmas cracker jokes.

So, this year we thought we would share with you our favourite filing, document and records related cracker jokes. Hopefully we’ll be spreading some light-hearted cheer!

Before we begin with our list of document and filing-related jokes, we wanted to just remind everyone that records management isn’t an industry that is well associated with humour. We accept no responsibility for the (lack of) hilarity of some of these Christmas cracker jokes.

Jokes about document and file storage:

What do you call a package of documents sent via boat?

Pier to pier file transfer

Where does Chewbacca go to collect confidential documents about his enemies?


What do you call a woman who sets her mortgage documents on fire?


Why were the classified documents crying?

They had very sensitive information

I was fired after falling asleep on personal documents?

Apparently you can’t lie on your resume

What do Jedi use to open PDF files?

Adobe Wan Kenobi

What is the best method of bookkeeping?

Never lend them

What is bugs bunny’s favourite computer file?

What’s up.doc

I saw a great movie about databases today

I can’t wait for the SQL

A database professional walks into a bar

And he joins two tables

On the one hand, I’m not to bad at creating spreadsheets.

On the other, I don’t Excel at it.

I went for a job interview the other day and the manager said they were looking for someone responsible.

“Well, I’m your man”, I said, “at my last job, whenever something went wrong they said I was responsible.”