So you’ve decided to digitise your paper records? Maybe, that’s because your physical documents are taking up too much space and need to be destroyed. Maybe, it’s because you’ve realised that some documents are too important to have only one copy of. 

Either way, your document management partners should be set up and happy to help.

Your business is growing. That means, at one stage or another, you are going to want to make digital copies of your old paper records. At The Filing Room we have the equipment and skills to do this for you.

Scan on demand

Sometimes, you’ll need just one file. Maybe you need a copy of that file quickly so that you can finalise the deal you’ve been trying to get over the line. Maybe you have decided that most of a box’s worth of records are useless apart from one solitary piece of paper. 

Whatever the reason, we can have a digital file scanned and sent to your email far quicker than it would take to send a physical copy. And delivery costs will be cheaper too!

Perhaps most importantly, the file in question, having never left our warehouse, is in no danger of being lost in delivery and transition. 

High Volume Digitising

If you are a growing business with offices in, say, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu, then you might be interested in digitising high volumes of records. There may well be large parts of your archive that need to be accessed often and from many different locations. 

If this is the case then we offer our know-how and experience toward efficiently bulk-scanning your records.