As a document management system provider, with warehouses and our own system for storage, when we reach out to large companies that have their own document management system, it can often seem as if we’re trying to poach a department’s role from a big company.

This is occasionally the case with law firms, especially the bigger ones. The really big law firms have an obvious need for keeping their records easily and quickly accessible.

Some of them find that this need is satisfied by the truly professional, efficiently-managed document storage providers, like the Filing Room.

Other law firms do their document storage and management in-house, choosing to keep everything nearby and all under the organisation of the same system. We completely understand why; what we want to change is the impression that we, as third-party document management professionals, are in competition with a company’s in-house document management team.

Optimising document management: we’re here to help

The fact that we’ve got big warehouses and that our name is the Filing Room makes it obvious that we store files. Of course, that is the bulk of what we do and we do that very well, leaning on the latest development in document management software and an efficient professional environment to do so.

However, physical storage is just one part of our diverse operation. We’re also a service provider and, so long as it’s within the world of document archival and management, we have a service that suits any business.

We often work with law firms that keep their records in-house and, in this capacity, we don’t replace the in-house team. Instead, we work as optimisers and consultants. What this entails can vary massively: sometimes we’re fine-tuning a retrieval process, sometimes we’re putting the in-house team in contact with the best shelving provider.

If you read our last article, on registry management and our document management system consultancy service, you’ll know that we have a dedicated team of professionals that we frequently second to in-house teams in order that they can benefit from our professional insight.

These consultants rearrange registries, optimise storage and retrieval processes, advise on better practice and even, as we’ve said, put firms in contact with the best creators for shelving and more.

If you’re reading this as a member of a law firm’s in-house document management team, don’t think of the Filing Room as your competitor. Think of us as a wellspring of industry leading knowledge that can be appealed to and applied. Don’t think of us as coming for your jobs but as a way of learning how to make you as industry leading as we are. Many of the law firms we’re targeting with this message know that in-house is the best way for them, with our help you can ensure that in-house works as well as a third-party provider’s service does.