Companies decide to store their documents with third-party record management companies for a variety of reasons. Some make the decision because their office space is getting too cramped to store all their physical files. For others, it is because they have recognised that a specialist will be able to store, protect and (if necessary) digitise important documents more effectively. 

Either way, enlisting the help of a third-party records management company is a step that most growing businesses will take. 

Certain people are happy to let the records management firm get on with it. ‘No news is good news’. But for those of you that would rather understand how and what your records are doing at any given stage, we have compiled this timeline. 


Once the decision to store the files with a third-party records management company, has been made, most will deliver  their boxes to your offices. 

You then fill the easy to assemble, durable cardboard boxes with the appropriate documents. Then, after you place the call for collection, your new document management company will send a team to collect. Boxes, such as those pictured, comfortably store four hard-backed box-file binders.

Inventory Creation: Box level or File level?

Next, companies can choose whether their documents are inventoried by the box or to the specific files within that box. 

Box and file level cost the same in terms of monthly storage. However, there is a one off inventory cost for file level. 

With Box level, the owner-company keeps a record of what is in each box. If they need a specific file they simply have to ask for the correct box and it’ll be sent over. 

The advantage of inventorying by the file is that the file owner can request any specific file for retrieval if he or she needs it. 



Storage, Protection (and Digitisation?)

Everything your company stores will be kept in state of the art warehouses.

The Filing Room’s warehouses are fumigated regularly, protected from fire damage by state of the art dry-powder sprinklers, and built to withstand flooding

In addition to our compound security, two-tiered warehouse protection system, we have a top of the range centrally monitored alarm system that will keep out even the most intrepid of intruders. 

While your files are in our storage, we keep them organised with the O’Neil RS-SQL Records Centre Software. This software allows us to barcode each box and scan it to a specific location within the facility. 

This software facilitates an efficient and quick retrieval process. It also allows us to return your boxes to their original place when they are returned to us. 

If and when you find the need to digitise your records, we have the means and know-how to facilitate the process. With us, you can make digital copies of your records either on demand or in high volume.

Scan-on-demand is perfect for when you want a specific document but do not need it sat physically on your desk. We offer high volume digitising for those documents that are just too important to only exist in a physical format.


When the time comes for your documents’ demise, we’re here to help. We will take your files to a secure off-site location, destroy them by pulping (rest assured, they will be unrecognisable after the process is complete) and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.